Comprehensive Professional Culinary Training
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Colorado Culinary Academy
Student For A Day Jill tries out Colorado Culinary Academy before enrolling

Colorado Culinary Academy

Be A Student For A Day!
Wed, July 30, 2014, 7:30 am to 3:00 pm.
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Call 303-220-6996 or email Paul Kelly

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July 30, 2014

Exclusive Student for a Day Session

Picture this: a perfectly grilled, juicy Porterhouse steak, with grilled asparagus & Parmesan; Panzanella with garden-fresh lettuce and baguette; Creamy, decadent Semifreddo dessert, topped with fresh strawberries.

Now picture YOURSELF as Student For A Day at Colorado Culinary Academy. Sound good? Register now. Hurry! Space is limited. Don't miss this FREE event.(more...)

Join chef-instructors of Colorado Culinary Academy to cook a delicious Tuscan menu of Panzanella, Bistecca alla Fiorentino with Grilled Vegetables and Semifreddo.
Student For A Day Mary in June 2014, Paul Stanley, Kyle Russell Lutkin, Claire Preen, Dave Bulfer; not shown: Trey Whitworth

Large Photo above: During our special Students For A Day session, attendees will prepare and eat a delicious Tuscany-inspired menu including Bistecca alla Fiorentino marinated in olive oil, fresh herbs, and lemon peels accompanied by grilled asparagus and Parmesan; Panzanella made with garden-fresh lettuce and pieces of baguette baked by Asst. Chef Instructor Bruce; Creamy and decadent Semifreddo garnished with fresh strawberries.
Bottom photos, left to right: Student For A Day Mary, during her hands-on session in June; graduating students Paul Stanley, Kyle Russell Lutkin, Claire Preen and Dave Bulfer (with Rob Provost in background) preparing the traditional graduation feast for family and friends.

Colorado Culinary Academy